The NRL finals are here!

To help brands understand the value of sponsoring sport team’s social media channels, FanFuel created a comparison between the Brisbane Broncos and the North Queensland Cowboys in the most important month of the year for rugby.

We tracked the Broncos and the Cowboys social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during the month of September to understand what is the economic value of all of their posts across all channels. This is a great way to show potential sponsors the monetary value of rugby teams posts on different social media platforms.

A logo on a t-shirt is being replaced with a #hashtag on social media

Sport teams and athletes are now able to replicate the same reach of traditional media through their social media channels, sparking the interest in brands to create sponsored posts in their feeds. FanFuel connects these two parties to create social media endorsement deals.

How much is a social media post worth?

FanFuel tracked over 2 million data points to create this assessment and used their PPP (Price per Post) algorithm to generate the results. Amongst the data points tracked were: the amount of followers, engagement rates, @mentions and #hashtags. With this technology FanFuel is able to understand what a post is worth on the main social media platforms and help brands invest in the right amount on sponsored posts.

The Broncos outperformed the Cowboys by 9 to 7 and this was primarily driven by their large audience on Facebook. However, the Cowboys generate better engagement rates across all channels, which will be interesting to assess if they can keep that up once their audience grows to the same size as the Broncos.

Another important stat is the post value on Twitter for both teams. Even though that is the platform that both teams use the most (by far) it still struggles to generate the engagement brands need in order to see positive results from sponsored posts.

Many sports teams have been offering sponsored posts to brands and we are the here to help them make the most of this unique opportunity.


NRL Social Media Showdown_INFOGRAPHICS


Written by FanFuel

We connect brands with influential athletes to create social media endorsement deals.

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