On the eve of Demo Day, the FanFuel Leaders, Daniel and Luciano conveyed a calm and eager manner in an emotionally charged atmosphere. The showcase of all the hard work, late nights, blood, sweat and tears that have been shed to reach goals would be presented to customers and corporates alike.

FanFuel connects brands with influential athletes to create social media endorsement deals. In the past year, brands spent over $30B in endorsement deals. However, brands have access to less than 3% of influential athletes. Moreover, they are normally professionals, managed by an agency and very expensive. FanFuel is unlocking the other 97% of influential athletes that live within social media channels and match them to brands to facilitate endorsement deals. FanFuel will see success using social media purely because in an age where people live and breathe social media, an athlete’s net worth is based on their followers as well as how engaged those followers are with their content. A social media profile is a natural extension of their sporting lives and gives an athlete an organic voice beyond their career.

Photo 7-05-2015 11 17 10 pm

As the long awaited Demo Day descended upon us, there was a sense of exhilaration within the expo room emanating from all the teams. Within the grand Telstra headquarters were people busily setting up, practising pitches and anxiously preparing themselves for what would be a successful evening of presentations and networking. With the night kicking off without a hitch, the first influx of investors, marketers and corporates arrived, pouring into the expo room.

The 7-strong FanFuel team demonstrated such high integrity talking about their experience with a company they felt so passionately about.

Photo 6-05-2015 3 18 28 amIt was hard to miss the FanFuel squad in their bright green t-shirts and energetic smiles. Within a crowded room, FanFuel was unequivocally the most represented startup company of the night. It was no surprise the crowd found themselves gravitated towards the FanFuel team.

FanFuel’s pitch presented by Daniel was exceptional and flawless. Speaking about FanFuel’s goals in front of a crowded theatre full of investors, the calm co-founder was articulate and exuberant in his pitch. Additionally, a particularly impressive aspect of the pitch was the stats from the latest endorsement deal between prominent surfer, Laura Enever and Telstra, resulting in over 100,000 views from 1 post.

One thing that has to be mentioned is the sense of pride and the applause as Daniel appeared from the theatre to the expo room after his pitch. The whole FanFuel team gathered around Daniel and Luciano with everyone expressing their praise, offering congratulations beaming with excitement amidst handshakes and hugs. Their buzz was undoubtedly contagious and watching this small team give each other a pat on the back for all their hard work was inspirational.

In order to accurately pin point the energy of this climatic experience, we interviewed FanFuel’s founder, Daniel Paronetto.

How is demo day important to FanFuel and other teams?

Demo Days are a great way to test how founders act under pressure. There is a lot of hype around the event and is a great opportunity for Startups to generate interest in their business and showcase what they were able to accomplish in a very short period of time.

How would you describe your feelings regarding Demo Day?

It’s great to have the opportunity to present our company in front of hundreds of people and see their reaction and excitement towards our business. We were overwhelmed with the expressions of interest to be part of our seed round, and we will analyse all potential investors with a critical eye in order to find the best matches to what we want to achieve with the company. Money is great but it is not all we are after, we want investors that will help us grow our business with strategic partnerships.

What can you hope to gain from Demo Day?

Grow our network, get introductions to customers and start conversations with investors regarding investing in our business.

What is the next step?

We are flying to the US to hustle overseas! We will head off to San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York to showcase FanFuel in the US market and who knows… We might not be coming back…

To stay in the loop on the latest developments of this very impressive startup, check out http://www.fanfuel.co or send them a Tweet of support @FanFuelco.


Written by catherinelai

Catherine is a feminist and has a passion for writing. She has an irrational fear of germs and also a strong appetite for travelling. Using her BA in Communications, she works in the Not-For-Profit sector in Digital Marketing. She has a knack for neat hand writing and calligraphy and considers herself to be a great problem solver.

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